Háttér launches English language website

British flagWe are happy to inform you that Háttér Support Society for LGBT People in Hungary has launched the English language version of its website. The most important information about the organization and its programs, as well as news about recent developments on LGBT life in Hungary will be available online in English for visitors of the website.

Responding to the growing demand and after a long preparatory phase Háttér is proud to launch the English language version of its website. We consider it important that foreigners living in Hungary or abroad who are interested in the work of our organization or in LGBT life in Hungary have access to up-to-date information.

The English language website provides the most important information on Háttér, its history and its staff. Visitors can read about the core programs and services that Háttér offers (Information and Counseling Hotline, Legal Aid, HIV/AIDS Prevention, Archive), access our English language publications and find out how to support the work of our organization - even from abroad.

The opening page of the website contains a short summary of the social and legal situation of LGBT people in Hungary with links to more detailed information. We also plan on publishing news about our organization as well as LGBT life in Hungary.



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